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HMD Heavy Metal Detox - 4oz (120ml)

HMD TriPack - 3-bottle family pack!

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Chlorella pyrenoidosa 500mg - 250 tabs

Chlorella pyrenoidosa 500mg - 250 tabs


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What is Chlorella?
Chlorella (Gk. "Chloros" = Green; Latin: "ella" = small thing) is a green algae with an unusually high content of chlorophyll (the highest of any known plant) which gives Chlorella its characteristic deep emerald-green colour. Chlorella is about the size of a red blood cell (2-10 microns) and has a polysaccharide membrane that can absorb large amounts of dioxin, lead, mercury and other toxins. This is possible because Chlorella contains:

·         Sporopollein - a substance that is extremely effective at binding neurotoxins and more effective at binding toxic metals than any other known natural substance

·         Chlorella Growth Factor - also helps the body to detoxify and has been shown in animal studies to be able to remove some toxic metals

·         Porphyrins - these have a strong metal-binding effect.

·         Chlorophyll - this activates the receptors on the nucleus of the cell which is responsible for peroxisomes, the cell organelles which are responsible for detoxification.


Chlorella and Detoxification
Chlorella has been shown to help in the detoxification of:

  • PCBs - polychlorinated bisphenyls - these are chemicals that are very persistent in the environment and are used for coolants and lubricants in electrical equipment such as transformers and capacitors, as heat exchange fluids and as flame retardants.

  • DIOXINS - these are chemicals that are generated in incinerators and  and can contaminate the food that we eat. Chlorella has been shown to greatly speed up the excretion of Dioxins and well as inhibit the absorption of it.

  • HEAVY METALS - experiments have shown that Chlorella can help to excrete cadmium, arsenic and mercury, as well as reduce the toxicity effects caused by these metals.

One of the reasons that we decided to bottle our own Chlorella is because of the many reports and research studies that have shown that many brands of Chlorella sold today are toxic in heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. This should not surprise us, given its natural affinity for absorbing toxins of all kinds.

HMDTM CHLORELLA is presented with a Certificate of Analysis showing that it is completely free of all the usual toxic chemicals that some of the other brands have. For the ultimate DETOX, it is best taken together with:

  • HMDTM (Heavy Metal Detox) - helps remove many different heavy metals proven in a large research studies
  • HMDTM ORGANIC LAVAGE - helps to drain and eliminate the toxic metals and chemicals from the body
  • HMDTM ORGANIC CHLORELLA - helps to absorb and eliminate metals and other chemicals from the GUT, as well as other parts of the body.

Using all three together you will be MOBILIZING, ABSORBING and ELIMINATING the metals from the body, instead of having them recirculating.

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY the HMD™ will mobilize toxins from inside the tissues and organs - Chlorella will NOT. They are designed to ACCOMPANY the HMD™ for safe, optimal detoxification with no side effects. See ULTIMATE DETOX PROTOCOL for how to use all these products together.



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